Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shalom Friends,

Hello, friends and fellow travelers ~ Not so many weeks ago Israel filled our senses. We breathed in the sea and the desert; we saw with our own eyes rich and varied colors; we felt the coolness of Jerusalem stone beneath our fingertips; ate hummus and dates; and we heard the voice of honest teaching.

I had kept a travel journal of my time in Israel - jottings of information, sights, questions and notes of cherished teachings. My paints and brush accompanied me as well and I added some simple watercolor sketches to the pages.

A number of fellow travelers expressed interest in obtaining a copy of this journal. It is now completed: printed, and hand bound, ready for you to relive this joyous journey.

You get it all. The look and feel of the original hand bound journal, the impressions and wonder I found while on tour. I soon discovered the entire experience was beyond my imaginings and my vocabulary! This book as been professionally printed, then entirely built by hand. Each page edge is hand torn, then the pages are hand sewn and bound in a hardback cover with an elastic closure. There are over 80 full color pages of watercolor sketches and script as well as several blank pages to record your own insights. Extra care was taken to present to you a copy as similar to the original as possible.

Come, retrace the paths we traveled together to Mt. Carmel, across the Sea of Galilee, to Megiddo, and Capernaum. Ascend with songs to Jerusalem, on to the Mount of Olives, the house of Caiaphas, the Old City, Masada and then on to Petra plus more sites that filled our days. I welcome you to share this journey into the Holy Land. Perhaps some of your own memories will be renewed as your fingers trace our days through these pages.

If you have never been to Israel, may this journal give you a glimpse into the profound richness that is every believer's heritage.

May you enjoy these pages, but more importantly, may the memories of this Holy Land bring to our minds the truth of His glorious Word. May we remember that our time here is short, that we as believers have a purpose and a responsibility; a treasure beyond all treasures. May the teachings and Scriptures recalled urge us on toward completing the course set before us.

A personal thank you to each of my traveling friends for your laughter and insights, for sharing your days with me in this holy place. Each of you have added to my joy and memories of this journey. And, thank you for your interest and encouragement in this project. May your days lived for Him be blessed indeed.

Please feel free to contact my email with any questions you may have. (

Blessings and Shalom,

~ Colleen Pope

(Happy traveler on the Orange bus)

A bit of the book binding process:


Anonymous said...

Colleen, I am so thrilled that you have completed this work! What a blessing it will be to all of us. Thank you for letting me know. I definitely want the book!

Anita said...

Colleen, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful journal with us. Words are insufficient to describe the spiritual journey we undertook together. I hope I meet you again on other trips!

Anonymous said...

Colleen, I have thought of you often over this last year, and our wonderful experience of seeing Israel together. I was so hoping that you would follow through with copies of your journal for your fellow travlers, thank you so much! Also thankyou for sharing your medicine with me when I was getting a sore throat.. You are a true blessing from the LORD! I plan on sharing your book with the ladies at church who knows how GOD is going to use your journal. Your Sisterchick in Christ, Debbi Fisher Woelk

Joy said...

What a delight to meet you at Training at PMI in Chattanooga this November. I was amazed at your beautiful journal and it is just what I need to remember the beautiful trips I made to Israel with my family and then with Precept in the 1990's. I sent my order via your gmail! God bless you in this ministry! Joy Gilmore

Favian Ee said...

Hi Colleen! I saw your book on your Holy Land tour. I think it's Vicky's copy. Are any still available? I'd love to own a copy. Please contact me at Thanks!