Illustrated Travel Journal

Illustrated Travel Journal

Inside the Journal

Inside the Journal
This illustrated journal is of a study tour to Israel in 2012. Join in the journey to biblical sites and learn some of Israel's amazing history. Immerse yourself in page after page of watercolor sketches, handwritten text, even illustrated recipes, maps and study notes of biblical teachings. The artist freely shares her thoughts as she walks the Land. Each artist book is carefully handbound in premium leather, wrapped with an attached braided cord. This is a special limited edition of 200 journals, each bound, signed and numbered by the artist.

Illustrated Travel Journal - $125.00

Illustrated Travel Journal - $125.00

8 Blank Note Cards & Envelopes - Set A

8 Blank Note Cards & Envelopes - Set A
Images of Set A

Set A - Note Cards (Set of 8) $12.00

8 Blank Note Cards & Envelopes - Set B

8 Blank Note Cards & Envelopes - Set B
Images of Set B

Set B - Note Cards (Set of 8) $12.00

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A portion of each sale goes toward sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ globally and training others in the study of God's Word.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Day....

Have you ever wanted a do-over, a new beginning, to start afresh? I have. This blog is one of them. I had originally set it up to give access to an item I was selling. I had hoped to stay connected with periodic posts.  The travel journal of Israel which I had hoped to sell, did wonderfully. The periodic posts, not so much. End of story.

Out with the old and in with the new. New day, new way....

Hello, I'm Colleen. This is my blog. Here I will journal. Some entries will be serious, some fun, some colorful. A lot like life, huh? I'm still getting my feet under me, so I will share a few sketches from times past until I get going. 

Enjoy, and have a blessed day.'s cherry season in Michigan!

Cherry licorice

Cherry orchards.  Subtle theme going, its the way my mind works!


Hannah Halleck said...

Love them all <3

Colleen Pope said...

Thank you, Hannah. We should be planning for a roadtrip and then a day of pitting!

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